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"A Nation's greatest assets are it's men and women of vision."

- Rev. F.L. Aikens

"Where there is no vision, the people perish..."

- Proverbs 29:18

  • The Music Ministry is committed to rendering music of worship and praise that ushers in the presence of God.

  • We will assist the Pastor and make ourselves available for services as required. (Worship Services, Weddings, Funerals, etc.)


C. Holloway

Minister of Music

Deacon J. Uzzle

Choir President

Music Ministry

Deacon R. Johnson


  • Sunday School is organized to educate and enhance the church's knowledge of the Holy scripture.

  • This class allows the opportunity for questions, answers and further discussion as scriptures are examined.

Sunday School

Sunday School Ministry

Deacon J. Uzzle


  • The Deacon Family Ministry is committed in working  hand and hand with our Pastor to assist in the needs of our church family and all of God's people.

  • We are responsible to ensure the well-being of each of our assigned families

Deacon Family

Deacon Family Ministry

Deaconess E. Reid 


  • Serves the Sick and Needy

  • Encourages the Youth in Education and other Individuals with Special Needs

  • Endeavors to assist missions, both local and the larger community


Morning Star Missionary Society

Morning Star Missionary Society

1st Lady L. Aikens


  • To mentor the youth on how to face the trials of  society while guiding them through this stage of life with the Word of God.


Youth Ministry

Evang. E. Holloway 


  • The mission of the Deaconess Ministry is to assist in the spiritual growth of the women and girls of the church.

  • The Deaconess Ministry also cooperate with Pastor and the Deacon Ministry in visiting church members and assist in preparation and administration of ordinances.


The Deaconess Ministry

Deaconess G. Johnson 


  • The Usher's Ministry is comprised of Christian women and men who have been called to serve the church.

  • Faithful and faith-filled, our Ushers are committed to following Christ and our Pastor's vision of service within the church.

The Ushers 

Usher Ministry

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